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Unit 208 of District 8 of the American Contract Bridge League
Central Illinois Bridge Association
Meeting Minutes
Bloomington Illinois
July 12th, 2014

Roll Call:  Present were President Carole Sholes, Ann Schuyler, Ron Sholes, Mike Tomlianovich, Jeff Ehrlich, Bill Bulfer, Terry Goodykoontz and Marilyn Winter. Quorum was declared.

Minutes:  It was moved by Mike and seconded by Jeff that the minutes be approved.  Motion carried.

Financial Report:  Carole presented the treasurerís report for the period ending June 30th 2014. There was a balance of $20,179.68 in the unit's checking account. Mike moved to accept the treasurers report, Bill seconded the motion and it passed.

Presidents Report:  Carole and Jeff met with Springfield Club and there is an ongoing dialogue.

District Report:  There is a split regional with Rockford and Effingham June 2015. The Grassroots Fund for the NAP and GNT from December 2013 made $3,600 to be distributed between NAP and GNT winners. The open events will be 7.5 minutes per board.

The Unit Election:  Ann presented the slate of officers for next year. President Carole Sholes, Vice President Marilyn Stickel, and Bloomington representative Eunice Patton. Jeff moved to accept the slate of officers, Marilyn seconded and it was approved. The unit has 707 members. A Day Event was discussed for novice and intermediate players.

Tournament Report:  The Bloomington Tournament made $332.19. The Peoria Tournament lost $20.00 and next year will be at a new location. The Champaign Regional is expected to make $7,000. The Springfield tournament will be located downtown.

Old Business:  There was no interest in a unit wide team game. Mike stated that he will purchase new tables.

New Business:  The Budget for next fiscal year is to continue what was doing currently for Stac games. Jeff moved that we approve the budget and Mike seconded. Our annual meeting will be held at the Bloomington Sectional after this meeting.

Adjournment:  The motion to adjourn was presented by Jeff and seconded by Marilyn. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Schuyler, Unit 208 Secretary